welcome to north star outdoor cinema

North Star Outdoor Cinema is a full service outdoor cinema company. You pick the movie from one of our licensed vendors, Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. or Criterion USA and we’ll do the rest. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, we can set up a giant screen movie night for you. We have different format screens and sound systems we utilize to provide an awesome movie experience, whether you’re planning an intimate private screening in your back yard by the pool or at an awesome city event on the common for thousands to enjoy.


Utilizing state of the art inflatable movie screens, our presentations are both stunning and also functional. Our innovative screens are designed to work with the wind, using a permeable screen surface we can easily shoot the movie from the front or back leaving you with unlimited options. Our screens can withstand wind gusts up to 20 mph. Your movie is sure to look fantastic with our superbright projectors and sound awesome with our Dolby Digital surround sound systems. Call North Star today to set up your unforgettable movie experience today.