What is the ideal time to start our movie?

We can start showing a film after sunset, but ideally 15 minutes after. We can also provide lighting after the show, so people can leave safely and easily.

What choices do we have for movies?

North Star Outdoor Cinema has a partnership with Swank Motion Pictures and Criterion USA. Both Swank and Criterion have over 40,000 titles ready to ship. Depending upon your audience, we can assist in making recommendations.

What happens if it starts to rain during a movie?

Rain will not affect the picture quality. We use permeable screens made of a lycra stretch material that allow wind to pass freely between the pores of the fabric and water simply rolls off the frame. Unlike other movie screens that cannot be used in many outdoor situations our inflatable screens are extremely durable and stunning to look at. We’re able to stop the screening at anytime to wait for a heavy shower to pass. Starflicks Outdoor Cinema uses state of the art screens with many tie down points and guide lines to prevent the screen from moving. However, if the wind rises above 20 knots, we suggest that the event be rescheduled. We take the time to check the weather forecast prior to your event, so that you don’t have to.

What if we need to cancel?

North Star Outdoor Cinema requires a 24 hr cancellation notice. If weather conditions look threatening upon our arrival, we reserve the right to protect our equipment by delaying the set-up (until suitable weather conditions exist) or even canceling the show.

Are you insured?

In the event of an incident involving North Star Outdoor Cinema equipment or employees of any outside participant is covered by Starflicks Outdoor Cinemas event liability insurance coverage.

Can we simply rent a movie from Blockbuster or Netflix or have you rent the movie for us?

NO! As the equipment provider, it is not legal to obtain the license for you. We supply you with the Film License contact information and help guide you in direction for ordering the movie title. Please see Film licensing for more information. In some cases you may not be required to purchase the film rights.

If my event is rescheduled or cancelled, what happens to my movie rights?

If your event is cancelled or rescheduled, you can still retain your movie rights for up to 12 months. Simply contact the licensing agent for more information.

What region does North Star Outdoor Cinema service?

North Star Outdoor Cinema services all of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Southern New Hampshire, Maine and Eastern Connecticutt, bringing indoor and outdoor movie events to neighborhoods, businesses, conference centers, schools, and many other venues. Our audio visual equipment rental service is top shelf and is your first choice if you are hosting an event.